Life Insurance Advantages

The purchase of a life insurance policy will never make most peoples’ top ten list of favorite things to do. After all, there is a lot not to like in the whole process of buying life insurance. With hundreds of products from which to choose, it can be confusing. Insurance contracts can be complex and mind numbing. Some insurance agents can be annoying.

How Confirmation Bias Could be Hurting your Investment Performance

Have you made up your mind on just about everything, even before you know what it is? For instance, when you meet someone, is your opinion of the person formed from the first impression? Or, when you hear a political argument from the other side, is your mind opened or closed? Are you able to concede the “good points” the other side make, or do you dismiss the whole argument?

Document Shredding Event and Holiday Open House on December 9, 2014

Announcing...a FIRST Financial Group Document Shredding Event

How much do I need for Retirement?

Clients often ask us, "How much do I need for retirement?". For each individual the answer will be different due to different lifestyles, retirement goals and personal needs. Please watch the videos below to learn more.

Markets Have Rewarded Discipline Over Time

In the past few days we have seen much volatility in equity markets. For many investors this causes fear and even panic. We want to remind all of our clients that emotional decisions in investing do not payoff. History has shown that the disciplined investor who stays the course will be rewarded.

Managing Investment Risks

In my opinion, it is impossible to predict future stock market returns. Investment models can produce hypothetical returns but they can’t account for future events. So, in my opinion, investors who manage their investments based on market performance or what they perceive as opportunities for better returns have very little control over the outcome.


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