Document Shredding Event and Holiday Open House on December 9, 2014

Nicole Treadwell |

Announcing...a FIRST Financial Group Document Shredding Event

All FIRST Financial Group clients are invited to attend our 2014 Document Shredding Event and Holiday Open House on December 9, 2014 from 3:30 – 5PM. Please bring any documents you would like to dispose of and we will provide a professional shredding service. The shredding truck will arrive at 4PM. You can arrange to drop off the documents at our office prior to the event or join us on the 9th to enjoy our Holiday Open House.

What should you consider shredding?

To be safe, shred anything with your social security number, bank account number, credit card number or name and address. Shred new credit card offers and even old paid bills.

Below are some guidelines on what type of documents to keep and for how long:

Document How long to Keep
Bank Statements and pay stubs 1 year or for specific tax purpose
Contracts Until updated
Home Purchase and Improvement Records As long as you own the home and 6 years after you sell
Insurance Policies As long as the policy is in force
Investment Statements Keep the annual statements until you sell the investments
Loan Documents Until you sell the item for which you took the loan
Real Estate Deeds As long as you own the property
Tax Records Keep for 7 years
Warranties As long as you own the item
Social Security Statements Keep the most recent statement
Wills, POAs, Health Care directives, etc. Keep the most current version and shred any old versions
Medical Records and Bills Keep for 1 year, in case of disputes

Please give our office a call at 919-876-4926 or email for additional information.