12 Days of FFG Holiday Cheer- 10th Day

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10 Travel Destinations for 2018

Traveling is a great way to relax, have fun and reward yourself for a successful year. The travel site, Lonely Planet, has predicted the top 10 cities to travel to in 2018. Take a look below and start planning! 

  1. Seville, Spain
  2. Detroit, USA
  3. Canberra...

12 Days of FFG Holiday Cheer- 9th Day

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9 Money-Saving DIY Holiday Decorations DIY = do it yourself. Becoming a DIY’er may seem like a daunting tasking, but it can be easy and best of all, the cheapest and most unique way to decorate your home for the holidays. Below are 9 different Holiday decorations that you can make yourself.

12 Days of FFG Holiday Cheer- 8th Day

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8 Favorite Holiday Recipes

There's no denying that a big part of the holidays is the food.  So, the ladies at FIRST Financial Group have shared the recipes for some of their favorite dishes to make for loved ones during the holidays.

1. Oatmeal Pancakes w/ Banana-Walnut Syrup (Natalie): Click...

12 Days of FFG Holiday Cheer- 7th Day

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7 Favorite Holiday Movies

Christmas movies are one of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit and a great opportunity for family bonding.  Krista likes to prepare for the holidays by finding out when her favorite Christmas movies are playing and recording them.  Almost all of the classics can...

12 Days of FFG Holiday Cheer- 6th Day

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6 Favorite Holiday Traditions


“On Christmas Eve, my N.C. family all gets together to celebrate Christmas. Here, we eat and eat and eat before the Cousin Gift Swap. After the swap, we pass out my Grandma’s old Christmas caroling books and our 12 Days of Christmas cue cards and get to...

12 Days of FFG Holiday Cheer- 4th Day

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4 Tips to Help Budget for the Holidays

As much as we love the holidays, they can get pretty costly.  The holidays should be a happy time, enjoyed with loved ones feeling grateful, not worried about the cost of Christmas.  So you may have the jolliest holiday season, we at FFG have some tips to...

12 Days of FFG Holiday Cheer- 3rd Day

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3 Tips For Maintaining Health and Wellness During the Holiday Season.

We here at FFG are truly committed to living healthy lifestyles.  Exercise and eating well are the keys to health and longevity.  Between the parties, the shopping, and the Christmas cards, the holidays can present a challenge...

12 Days of FFG Holiday Cheer- 2nd Day

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2 New Employees

2017 welcomed two new employees to FFG.


Krista is Wake Forest, North Carolina born and raised.  She went to school in Wilmington, NC, and spent some time living in Spain and England.  She received her MBA in December 2016 with a thesis focusing on social...

12 Days of FFG Holiday Cheer- 1st Day

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1 Wish for Our Clients

We wish our clients HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Thank you for making 2017 a great year!  We appreciate your enduring support and look forward to continuing the success into 2018 and beyond.

From all of us at FFG, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a healthy, happy and...

Lee Brothers Sidekick Foundation Presents MAD DASH

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We invite all our clients and friends to join us in supporting the Lee family in raising money for Mitochondrial Disease research. The Lee family recently lost their 8 year old son, Aiden Lee to Mitochondrial Disease and would like to raise money to support research in finding a cure for this...

Lessons for the Next Crisis

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September 2017

It will soon be the 10-year anniversary of when, in early October 2007, the S&P 500 Index hit what was its highest point before losing more than half its value over the next year and a half during the global financial crisis.

Over the coming weeks and months, as other...